The Early Signs of Spring {Freelensed}

We had a beautiful couple of days at the lake over the Easter long weekend.  Sunny and warm after so. much. rain.  (In case you didn’t know this about Canadians we LOVE to talk about the weather).  Anyway, as you may know, I love to wander around with my camera and see what I’ll find.  It’s a great way to log steps on my FitBit without working out and to slow down and be observant.  For as beautiful as the morning was it’s still only April in Western Quebec, so other than the fact that the snow for all intents and purposes is gone and the ice on the lake is dangerously thin, we are not in the throes of spring with it’s full-on display of colourful blossoms.  Everything is very brown and after a long winter of monochromatic tones my camera really wants to capture some colour in the great outdoors.  Well brown is a colour and so is green, so mission accomplished!  Truth be told, I couldn’t have been happier.  The forest floor is starting to show a little life.  The moss is luscious and thick and the evergreens look happy to not be burdened with ice and snow.

These were all freelensed, a technique where you detach the lens from the camera body and hold it in front of the sensor.  I have an old lens that I modified, but I need to modify it a bit more to really get the effect that I am after.  As you can see by the progression of these photographs, I was getting more precise focus as I practiced.  The soft focus in the first two doesn’t bother me at all as I was really focused on the light and the colour.  The mood of these images really did match how I was feeling as I was out exploring.  There is a sense of optimism; we need to be patient and wait for the breaks in the rain, we need to slow down and look for the beauty that is there and enjoy it for what it is.

The Serenity Blog Circle is a collaborative photography project in which we want to share images that convey peace and calm.  Please click over to see what my talented friend Nadeen Flynn of Nadeen Flynn Photography is sharing this month.   I love how she views the world around her.  Thank you for looking.


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  • Wendy MayOctober 23, 2018 - 3:47 am

    So miss your work on the Serenity Project Sue.  There is just something about your photography in this project that does indeed project me straight into a sense of beautiful peace and calm.  This is such a gift.  ReplyCancel

    • adminOctober 23, 2018 - 12:17 pm

      That is the sweetest thing to hear, Wendy. Thank you so much. I do miss participating in the Serenity Project but truth be told, I wasn’t feeling serene in my life and was having a hard time slowing down and seeing the peace and calm. I need to get back into that frame of mind.ReplyCancel